Saturday, 26 February 2011

Travel Europe: Day 1- My Journey On A Cruise

Saturday the 19th of February 2011 my family and my family's friends went to Amsterdam from Hull by P&O's Cruise. We went to look for our cabin immediately after we arrived on the Deck. Our cabin number was 9192. It had 4 beds. One of them could be transformed into a sofa. A window was small.

Once we got rested. We left the room to look around this beautiful cruise. The Cruise was so beautiful and amazing. So much to explore. In a cruise it had business lounge restaurant, regular shop, perfume shop, children world, cafe and last but not least Sun Deck.

I and my two brothers played in children world with our friends called Maya , Iona and their brother Joshua. Iona is Akif's friend and Joshua is Alif's friend from school whom we met on that Cruise.

I enjoyed my time in the cruise because it's so amazing and wonderful. I felt like I didn't want to get off the cruise. But we had too when we reached Rotterdam the next morning.

Bye for now. BUT my Travel Europe Journey still much to tell.

P.S . I am now have my OWN camera :D

But at the moment I can't upload the pictures since I miss placed the cable. So I have to upload my picture my my mom's camera. May be next entry. :)