Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Chicken pox Holidays Blues

My first day of having chicken pox was on Wednesday, 10th of November
. I had a chicken pox for 14 days. It was really itchy and it hurts a lot. All you have to do was having a long rest. The best part about having chicken was you were not allowed to go to school. But soon you will get bored.

After the long chicken pox holidays, going to school, seeing my friends, was quite scary at first. But soon
it turned out fine. My teachers and friends were really surprised to see me.
" Alia you're back" shouted one of my friends. "
"" We're glad to have you back" said one of my teachers. I am myself again. People said we only get once chicken pox in our life time and I already got mine. Did you get yours yet? If you haven't. It'll be soon or later. Like my mum, she got it recently, after me, since she hasn't got one yet during her childhood life.

Better watch out for IT. See Ya