Thursday, 4 February 2010

My trip to see Macbeth

On 27 February 2010 year 6 and year 5 went to grand opera house at the city centre to watch a theatre called Macbeth. The first part was very scary. The show started with 3 witches.

A few days before, in class we were practising a few lines and acting a play of Macbeth. How he killed King Duncan (King of Scotland).

At the theatre during the interval there was a slaves comedy. Like a joker.

Slaves: knock knock

Us: who's there

Slaves i need a poo

Us : i need a poo who

Slaves:you need a what?

We all laughed. It was so hilarious he fell down of the stage purposely as to make us laughed. After the interval the theatre continued. After the theatre ended we arivved back to school and went straight for lunch.

Good Night


Nuryasmin Mohd Shahar said...

Good story my beautiful writer and dramatis.