Monday, 25 January 2010

Alif and my knee

Monday 5th of January I and my 2 brothers were
playing games at our living room. Suddenly Alif, my little brother who is the youngest and he is only 4 cried loudly. As if he was in a very painful situation. My mom came. "What is going on ?"she asked. "We don't know. He suddenly cries" I and Akif answered. My mom was mad. Akif told my mom that it was my fault. Then I explained that I accidently put my knee on his wrist. My mom phoned my dad. Immediatly when my dad came home he brought all of us to the hospital. Alif was lucky that his wrist was fine. No broken bones.

As for me I was glad that he was fine. Today he is himself again naughty and always teasing me.

Good Night